Testimonials | Roadsafe


The online booking process was so easy. I was very happy to receive the course reminder email - (Stephen, Ride Forever Silver)

Learning and riding for the whole day was fun and worth the $20! - (Jessica, Ride Forever Bronze)

The course addressed everything I needed and highlighted areas I didn’t know needed improvement - (Damian, Ride Forever Silver)

Great day, full of talking, riding, learning! - (Reuben, Ride Forever Silver)

Andrew was able to improve riders’ competency 1-on-1 and in a group - (Jessica, Ride Forever Bronze)

Relaxed those who were nervous - (James, Ride Forever Bronze)

Enjoyed the mix of quality instruction and humour - (Good opportunity for practicing what was learnt - (Amy, Ride Forever Bronze)

Could not fault our instructors, they always listened to any phobias we may have had…Excellent!!! - (Meriana, Ride Forever Silver)

Instructors believed in our riding ability - (Lindy, Ride Forever Silver)

Awesome day guys, thank you - (Louise, Ride Forever Silver)

Excellent learning experience - (Penny, Ride Forever Silver)

Would highly recommend - (Charlotte, Scooter Survival)

Bill is a great instructor, has the knowledge and is really good at passing it on - (David, Scooter Survival)

Well organized and very helpful discussions - (Dan, Ride Forever Gold)

Learned lots - Andrew is fantastic - Thanks - (Julian, Ride Forever Gold)

I now have more confidence in my riding and feel more knowledgeable about proper scooter riding - (Hannah, Scooter Survival)

It was fun yet highly informative and helpful - (Tom, Scooter Survival)

Great individual attention - (Jennifer, Scooter Survival)

The Bronze course enforced things from the BHS but on the open road, which is great! - (Dirk, Ride Forever Bronze)

So much to take in, will need to repeat! - (Martin, Ride Forever Bronze)

Totally put the group at ease, good laughs - (Kate, Ride Forever Bronze)

10/10 Wow! More than I expected - (Bridget, Scooter Survival)

Excellent, just right for the level of riders in our group - (Madelene, Scooter Survival)

Moved at a good pace, info was all useful - (Billy, Scooter Survival)

Everything I wanted PLUS extra info like punctures - (Natalie, Ride Forever Bronze)

Got good grounding, practice, and variety of roads - (Natalie, Ride Forever Bronze)

The booking process was very simple online - (Natalie, Ride Forever Bronze)

I love the way that Andrew teaches, very professional training and very satisfied - (Hao Yang, Ride Forever Bronze)

Andrew is super knowledgeable and explains clearly and interestingly - (Lukas, Ride Forever Bronze)

Instructor understood our concerns - (Amy, Ride Forever Bronze)

Lance explained everything in a clear and easy to understand manner - (Rebecca, Ride Forever Bronze)

Great instructing - Lance was very patient and positive all the time with clear instructions - (Christopher, Ride Forever Bronze)

Ken was knowledgeable and provided a positive training atmosphere, thoroughly enjoyed the course and will recommend to others - Thank you - (Tearohanui, Ride Forever Bronze)

Learnt far more than I expected - (Trent, Ride Forever Bronze)

Trail braking and road surface grip had the biggest impact on my riding - (Mark, Ride Forever Gold)

It was good having experienced riders on the course - (Patrick, Ride Forever Gold)

I am more aware of body position and head position - (Dee, Ride Forever Silver)

Enjoyed learning how to really take control of a corner - (Carl, Ride Forever Silver)

Well presented with a humorous trend - Will do it again - (Bob, Ride Forever Gold)

Great fun - Do it again any day - Will recommend to others - (Malcolm, Ride Forever Gold)

An excellent day, great presentation, awesome team of instructors - I learnt quite a few tips - I would recommend all riders of all levels of experience take time out to attend - (Andrew, Wairarapa Skills Training)

A real eye opener, made me more aware - Learned as much in one day as I have in a long time of motorcycling - (Robert, Wairarapa Skills Training)