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Whether you are an absolute beginner or have been riding for years, whether you commute each day or ride only on sunny weekends - Roadsafe provide a comprehensive range of courses. To lift your skills to another level, gain confidence and have FUN while you are doing it, check out the options below.

Want to head Off Road and ride trail or adventure rides, but not sure where to start? Roadsafe can provide you with some important off road tips and tricks, and the best bike to start with.

Roadsafe can tailor courses to suit the specific needs of your group, club or business. This may include how to set up your motorcycle for better control, performance and comfort, specific training needs such as braking skills, or providing advice from our Motorcycle Instructors.

Gift Vouchers – Want to give something different for Birthdays and Christmas? Roadsafe have Gift Vouchers available for a range of motorcycle riding courses.

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It all starts with mastering the basics!

Roadsafe’s Learn to Ride course is for anyone who has not been on a motorcycle or scooter before, or has had limited riding experience. Great also for existing scooter riders wanting to learn how to use the clutch and gears on a motorcycle. Includes lots of riding practise so you develop more confidence and skills - fundamental to progressing to Basic Handling Skills.

If you can already competently ride a motorcycle (or automatic scooter if you are providing one), you can gain the first part of your learner motorcycle license by completing our Basic Handling Skills course, which includes the Basic Handling Skills Test.

Roadsafe’s Basic Handling Skills course not only provides you with training and practise for your Basic Handling Skills test, it also provides essential information and techniques for managing risks and hazards out on the road, and sets the building blocks for successfully progressing to your restricted and full license later.

Returning riders find this is a great course to help them brush up on their basic riding techniques in the safety of an off-road area, before investing in the purchase of their own motorcycle.

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Subsidised Training

Ride Forever Courses

Roadsafe Rider are contracted by ACC to provide the national Ride Forever training programme, enabling you to access professional on road rider training at highly subsidized rates.

Bronze, Silver and Gold level courses are available to riders with an appropriate license and motorcycle, throughout the Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu/Wanganui, Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough/Tasman and West Coast regions of New Zealand. Bronze and Silver level courses can assist riders progressing through their licence in preparation for their CBTA assessments Silver and Gold level courses are designed for returning and more experienced riders to refresh and upskill, gaining confidence in your knowledge and skills, so you enjoy riding for longer!

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Skills Training

Roadsafe Rider provide Skills based training in an interactive mix of theory and practical riding exercises. Councils in the Hamilton region support this professional training, providing highly subsidized rates to riders with an appropriate licence and motorcycle.

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Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)

Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBTA) offers motorcyclists another option, other than driver license testing, when choosing how to progress their motorcycle license. CBTA is the only way you can reduce the required minimum time during the learner and restricted license stages, while ensuring you have the skills and knowledge you need to ride safely on New Zealand roads.

Instead of taking a practical test with a testing officer at each stage of your licence (learner to restricted, and restricted to full), you can choose to have your riding skills assessed by an approved CBTA assessor. When you successfully complete your CBTA Restricted assessment or CBTA Full assessment, you’ll get a certificate to use to apply at a driver license agency for the next stage of your license.

To assist you in your preparation to successfully pass your assessment, it is highly recommended that you complete training before attempting the assessment ride. Training is not compulsory, however it will provide you with knowledge and feedback on your riding compared to the assessment standard.

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Are you apprehensive about tinkering with your bike?

Get to know your motorcycle better!

Roadsafe’s DIY Motorcycle Maintenance course provides you with a fundamental understanding of how your motorcycle operates and functions. Gain skills to work on your own motorcycle with confidence, and you’ll take this knowledge to every motorcycle you ever own.

You'll be surprised at the things you can safely do yourself to maximise the value of your bike, reduce costs and improve the enjoyment of owning a well set up motorcycle that is personalised to you. And, you’ll learn what to look out for to avoid breakdowns, which will also save you money.

This course is designed to be informative and practical, run by Roadsafe's own qualified mechanic. You get to work on your own bike under supervision, in a relaxed learning environment.

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