The Silver course is designed to assist with taking competent restricted license riders towards their full licence, as well as offering 'returning riders' a refresher course which will focus on both urban riding and riding in more challenging, open-road environments at higher, open-road speeds.

This course supports riders to pass the Class 6 CBTA full licence assessment.

This course is designed for intermediate level riders on a restricted or full licence, who are likely to be riding mid-sized machines. It is not designed for machines smaller than 250cc.

Course Content:

Courses are run in small groups, up to 6 trainees to 1 instructor. Across the training day, this allows for individual tuition and feedback to help each rider improve.

Courses are mostly riding – you may cover a distance of around 100km during the day, depending on the level of course.

The first part of the day includes introductions and some discussion, so as soon as you start riding you have some additional knowledge and skills to put into practise.

Topics may include:

  • Pre-ride checks for your bike
  • Safety gear
  • Riding in a group
  • Observation techniques
  • Interaction with other road users
  • Motorcycle control – slow maneuvering, emergency braking
  • Roadcraft principles
  • Road positioning
  • Cornering
  • CBTA assessment criteria as required

Course Duration:

  • Full day 9am – approx 5pm

Your Investment:

  • $50.00 non-refundable fee

Course Locations:

  • Tauranga, Gisborne, Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Blenheim, West Coast.

Additional information:

More information about the Ride Forever programme is available at: www.rideforever.co.nz

All Road Code rules must be adhered to during the training course. Prior to attending your course, please ensure you have read, understood and are applying the Road Code.

Bring your motorcycle licence with you to the course.

Ensure your motorcycle is legal and at WoF standard, and appropriate for your license (LAMS approved if required)

Check over your motorcycle prior to the course to ensure it is operating safely and reliably, check and set your tyre pressures, arrive at the course with a full fuel tank.

Bring food, drink and snacks with you for the day – we usually stop at a café where you can purchase lunch if you wish.

Bring any additional personal items you may require for the day ie. Reading glasses, hat/cap, sun block etc

Wear appropriate motorcycle riding gear, and bring/wear wet weather riding gear – minimum all skin must be covered.

Courses WILL run in wet weather. When booking your course, be prepared to ride if it is wet on the day.

Please ensure you are committed to the training before you make your booking. If you are booked and do not attend, or cancel last minute, we do not receive the subsidy, and someone else may miss out on your place. Important - should you cancel last minute or are a no show on the day, we reserve the right to invoice you $150 towards part of our costs of providing the training. Our instructors are committed to providing the training (subject to minimum numbers), and we appreciate your commitment to attend.

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