To teach essential skills of motorcycle or scooter riding, for new riders and riders wanting to get their license.

This skills course can also be used as a refresher for riders who already have a license but have had a very long break from riding.

Includes coaching and training for the Basic Handling Motorcycle Skills Test. This test is provided free for riders choosing the Basic Handling Skills course option. By attaining a level of competence as required by the New Zealand Transport Agency, you will be issued with a Basic Handling Skills Certificate, which will allow you to gain the first part of your Learner License.

The Basic Handling Skills test now requires a much higher standard of riding to be able to pass. Our Basic Handling Skills course is designed to educate you on the skills required to be able to pass, so you understand what you need to do to be successful in preparation for your test.

The Roadsafe team have had many years of experience training and coaching thousands of people for their learner license, and have found that one of the main reasons for not passing the test is simply not enough time spent on the bike practising and assimilating the required skills.

For this reason our courses are:

  • Several hours in duration to maximise your riding practise
  • Run in small groups to provide you with personalised tuition, feedback and encouragement
  • Structured in a progressive manner to reduce any nervousness or apprehension you may have
  • Designed to provide the best dollar value result for you as an individual
  • Result in a very high first time pass rate!

Pre-requisite: This course assumes that you are already able to competently ride a motorcycle using the clutch and gears. Riders bringing their own scooter must be able to competently ride their scooter. If you have not had this level of riding experience, please book our Learn to Ride course first.

Course Content:

  • Motorcycle/scooter controls
  • Pre-ride check and basic maintenance
  • Protective riding gear
  • Riding position
  • Parking the bike
  • Balance and control at slow speed
  • Braking technique - normal and emergency
  • Skid control
  • Cornering
  • Introduction to road riding
  • Practising the Motorcycle Skills Test
  • Includes the Motorcycle Skills Test free

Course Duration:

  • Up to 6 hours, 11am – 5pm

Your Investment:

  • $230.00 (if you provide your own bike)
  • Motorcycle Hire: additional $60.00
  • Includes a Free BHS test - valued at $150
  • Free use of helmet, gloves and wet weather gear if required

Course Locations:

  • Wellington – carpark on the corner of Victoria St, Vivian St and Willis St
  • Lower Hutt/Petone – carpark at 25 Victoria St

Providing your own bike:

If you choose to provide your own bike, it must be LAMS approved (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme). Your bike must be at a warrantable standard, although it does not need to have a warrant of fitness. The following ‘pre-ride’ checks are required to be undertaken before the bike can be used:

  • Handlebars and levers - secure and straight
  • Suspension - secure and not leaking
  • Tyres - inflated, legal tread depth, no sidewall cracks
  • Brakes - adjusted and not leaking
  • Footpegs - secure
  • Chain - lubricated and tension ok
  • Brake light - secure and working
  • Headlamp or daylight running lamps - operational

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure the bike you provide meets the required safety standard. Please contact us prior to your course/test if you have any issues or questions.

From 1 December 2009, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) rules prevent motorcycle riding schools from providing automatic scooters for hire for the Basic Handling Skills test. Participants must provide their own LAMS Approved automatic scooter for the test.

Additional information:

  • Please bring photo ID eg. Driver’s license, student ID or passport.
  • Wear flat soled, covered in shoes and layered clothing appropriate for the weather on the day.
  • Ensure that all skin is covered – long sleeves and long pants.
  • Due to the duration of the course, please bring something to eat and drink.
  • Courses do continue in wet weather.
  • Riders are encouraged to read the “Motorcycle Road Code”. It contains some good information specifically for motorcyclists and scooter riders.
  • Information regarding attaining a motorcycle learner license, and the Basic Handling Skills test criteria are available from the New Zealand Transport Agency website.

Prefer a BHS Test Only?

If you feel you are ready to pass your BHS test without attending the Basic Handling Skills course above, we can provide a BHS Test Only for you. Note this is only recommended for riders who know and understand the test criteria, and have practised the test in advance.

The test generally takes up to 1 hour, costs $150.00 and includes free use of a motorcycle, helmet and gloves if required. The BHS Test Only is run on the same day and location as the Basic Handling Skills courses. Please contact us to book a suitable time.

Book your test now.