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About Roadsafe

Roadsafe is a specialist motorcycle and scooter rider training and consulting company based in Wellington. Providing high quality, professional learner and up skill courses throughout New Zealand.

Lynne Templeton and Andrew Templeton, owner operators of Roadsafe, are passionate about motorcycling and have an extensive combined riding experience both on road and off road in trail, adventure and competitive trials riding.

They pride themselves in their ability to consistently deliver top quality, high value courses to a very high safety standard… all in a fun and relaxed environment. They are able to achieve this because they take their time to clearly explain and demonstrate exercises and provide individual feedback to you, the student, to ensure you leave them with the confidence you need to tackle the hazards that will inevitably come at you whether it be on or off road. Lynne is one of the very few female riding instructors in NZ.

At Roadsafe… the training you get is all about YOU!

For those who don’t have their own, Roadsafe have motorcycles and scooters available for hire, that are set up specifically for learners to easily assimilate the new skills required to quickly become confident and competent. The result - extremely happy customers and a very high "first time" test pass rate.

Qualified Intructors

  • New Zealand Transport Agency Approved Motorcycle Riding Instructors
  • CBTA certified assessors
  • Test Examiners for the Motorcycle Division of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists (NZ) Inc)
  • Nearly 60 years combined riding experience and knowledge
  • Andrew is a qualified automotive engineer
  • Lynne is one of the very few female riding instructors in NZ

Thousands of riders trained since 1996

  • From absolute beginners to experienced riders
  • To pass their learner license Basic Handling Skills test
  • By assessing their readiness for their restricted and full license tests and CBTA assessments
  • In practical riding techniques
  • In on-road riding skills such as hazard avoidance, risk management and crash reduction techniques
  • For off-road (trail/adventure)
  • In basic motorcycle maintenance
  • To mentor other riders

Roadsafe was the first organisation to be invited by the New Zealand Transport Agency to take part in the CBTA (Competency Based Training and Assessment) trial for motorcyclists (lasting over 2 years), which provided training and an assessment for riders to progress to their restricted and full motorcycle license as an alternative to the traditional practical tests. CBTA has now been available nationwide since March 2014.

Tailored Training Programmes for

  • NZ Police
  • NZ Army
  • Ulysses Motorcycle Club in Wellington, Hamilton, and Auckland, including a mentoring programme for Hamilton and Auckland Ulysses members
  • Ulysses members around New Zealand
  • Tasman District Council – provided rider training programmes for beginners to experienced riders in the Nelson/Marlborough region from 2004 to 2014
  • Wellington region Councils - Skills Training
  • Hamilton region Councils - Skills Training
  • General public in Christchurch
  • Harley Owners Group (HOG) Wellington

ACC Consulting and Reviews

  • Contracted to provide the national Ride Forever programme since 2012
  • Reviewing the book “The Bikers Bible” which was published for motorcyclists in NZ
  • Providing advice and involved in the production of website video clips for the rideforever.co.nz website targeted towards motorcyclists, and the new scooter website. Video clips included ABS braking, and basic bike maintenance
  • Involved in the production of a 'Group Riding' DVD for NZ motorcyclists

Extra Experience

  • Provided consulting to the New Zealand Transport Agency to review the Motorcycle Road Code content
  • Provided extensive rider training and consulting to NZ Post for a period of approximately 5 years. This involved training motorcycle posties across the country in practical riding skills, motorcycle pre-ride inspection, basic motorcycle maintenance, hazard avoidance and risk management strategies, and mail delivery techniques.
  • Consulting covered the assessment, development and implementation of rider safety apparel, mail delivery and carrying systems for motorcycles, suitability assessments of appropriate motorcycles for mail delivery, development and training of motorcycle pre-ride inspection and maintenance schedules, production of a training DVD for posties.
  • Involved in organising and running the successful ‘Motorcyclist of the Year’ competitions in Wellington with Wellington City Council - Road Safety.